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    Salvatore J. La Mantia, CPA
    Tannersville, Pennsylvania

    The outsourcing of bookkeeping services provides the small business owner with the time to pursue their life’s work, accountability to their goals, and peace of mind that they are wisely saving or spending their revenues.

    Bookkeeping services from GNA Financial Services assures that your books are being kept by a Certified Public Accountant with vast experience in recording, compiling, analyzing, and even auditing records for businesses and corporations large and small.

    Sal La Mantia will be available to answer questions, provide tax advice, and guide you in the best practices for bookkeeping and record keeping in your industry.

    Bookkeeping Services Include but are not Limited to:

    • Record Journals & Post to all Ledgers
    • Reconcile Bank Statements
    • Review & Correct General Ledger Accounts
    • Post Earning Records
    • Preparation of W-2 Forms & 1099s
    • Preparation of Quarterly & Annual Payroll Tax Returns

    Starting at $200 / month

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