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    Salvatore J. La Mantia, CPA
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    Accounting Software Training

    GNA Financial Services is familiar with and equipped to properly train businesses in the use of all major accounting software including QuickBooks, Excel, MAS 200, Tvalue, and several others.  If you are not using a software program to keep your books, one will be recommended to you based on your unique business needs and technological capabilities.

    Business Consulting Services

    GNA Financial offers consultation services on all financial matters affecting your business. We will help you grow your business and increase your profits by helping you properly budget and Forecast Revenue, Expenses and Cash Flow, compile and review with you your periodic and annual financial statements and provide 24/7 availability for any financial questions and concerns you may have.

    Business Entity Formation

    GNA Financial Services can help you determine the best type of entity you should setup based upon your business situation. We will also do a name search and obtain all of the appropriate Federal and State Authorizations, Licenses, and Official Corporate Documents you require.

    Financial Statement Preparation

    Financial Statements can be difficult to compile for a busy business owner. GNA Financial Services will expertly review your finances and develop bank and share-holder ready documents. If you have ever been turned down by a bank for a business loan, you understand just how vital these records are. You could be missing something that would allow for a stronger confidence rating from banks and other entities that are interested in your financial standing.

    Individual & Business Tax Preparation

    With Full-Service Tax Preparation from GNA Financial Services, LLC you can trust that your taxes are in good hands. Whether filing a simple return or dealing with an intensive IRS case, we have the resources and expertise needed to handle your tax situation with the utmost care.  Not sure if you are properly planning for taxes throughout the year? Let’s get together for a Comprehensive Tax Planning Consultation.